Members: Live Video Stream

9 am AEDT, 5 March 2016.

RopeLab Members:  do you have any niggling physics questions that you’d like to ask Richard to explain?


Questions at all levels are welcome.

Please post your questions as comments below or email us directly if you’d prefer.  You will also be able to submit questions and comments during the live video stream.  Richard will do his best to answer the questions that he is able.

You may join live video stream to simply watch and listen or interact through text comments.  The link will be posted below.  The resulting video will be posted on the website for later viewing.

Click on this link to open the live stream:

RopeLab Live Video Stream 1


Note: we are planning to stream this video on 5th March at 9am AEDT.  This is the Sydney time zone (GMT +11).  Please note that if you are in the USA or Europe, this will occur in the afternoon or evening of 4th March.

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