Berlin: Advanced Rope Technician workshop presented by Richard Delaney (Rope Lab)

$Australian 1,750 (approx. 1,100€).


Dates and times:
Tuesday 9th October – Friday 12th October, 2018.
Each day will run from 9am – 5pm.

This workshop is being hosted by Hannes Seiberth and Rock Exotica Europe.

Rock Exotica Europe
Admiralstr. 17a
10999 Berlin

Sessions will be conducted both inside and outdoors so you will need to have prior experience working in vertical roped environments.

This course is aimed at Rope Technicians and Rescue Operators who already have a high level of competence and are used to working in the vertical realm.  You will need to bring your own harness, helmet, and personal ascending/descending equipment.  If you do not have access to these please let us know.  If there is any specialised or unusual equipment you would like to bring feel free to do so as it will no doubt add to the workshop.

Participant numbers will be limited.

The workshop will be presented by Richard Delaney (Rope Lab Pty Ltd).  Richard has an extensive background in many roping disciplines spanning more than 25 years.  He has worked as a rock climbing instructor, a trainer of outdoor leaders, and now is a certified and active level 3 rope access technician and accredited vertical rescue instructor.  Richard is also an evaluator/assessor for the Australian Rope Access Association (ARAA) and the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

This four-day workshop will introduce and explore some of the physics that can underpin a deep understanding of many of the techniques used by roping technicians.  Theoretical and practical sessions will focus on equipment, knots, ratings, friction, and mechanical advantage and will explore some of the misconceptions that are commonly taught as fact.

One of our greatest challenges lies in selecting and using the most appropriate equipment for any task.  Vehicle based vs. remote operation, aluminium vs. steel hardware, 40kg tripod vs. 2kg gin pole, 11mm vs. 6mm rope, full-body vs. climbers’ sit harness, nylon vs. polyester vs. aramid rope.

Tripods, gin poles, and powered winches are becoming more common on worksites because they are excellent tools for managing loads in complex environments.  One of the key themes for this workshop will be that Gin Poles are the ultimate teaching tool for Artificial High Directionals.  If we understand the theory of tensile and compressive forces and how they act then it is relatively straight forward to work with Gin Poles.  Once these basics are established, other multi-legged and guyed structures seem simple.  Learn how to set up and use these tools and to recognise and manage the additional hazards they introduce.

There will be a healthy mix of theoretical and practical sessions presented both inside and outdoors.  Sessions will include but not be limited to the following areas:

  • Underpinning physics and theory
  • System design and use of load cells.
  • Use of powered winches and heavy loads.
  • Twin rope systems and the mirrored skate block.
  • Use of a range of high directionals.
  • Use of lightweight equipment in rigging and rescue.

Our goals are:

  • To increase participants’ theoretical understanding of rescue and rope access systems.
  • To expose participants to a range of equipment and increase their ability to make smarter choices on the job.
  • To expose participants to a range of practical scenarios using a wide range of equipment and techniques.

While there will be no formal assessment of skills or understanding, we will provide you with a Certificate of Attendance to support your professional development requirements.

Food and Accommodation:
Food and accommodation are not supplied.

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