RopeLab Quiz 3: Factors of Safety

A quick quiz to test your understanding of the true implication of the term ‘Factor of Safety’.

There are 6 multiple choice questions.

Once you have finished, click on the “View questions” link at the end to see worked answers to each question.


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RopeLab Quiz 3: Factors of Safety

To do this quiz you’ll need to forget about what SF you normally use.  Just answer each question.
The scenario assumes a site safety officer (not a rope specialist) walks up, looks at your system and asks what Factor of Safety you think you have.  In other words: How many times over could the system support the current load before you expect it to fail?

Hint: go through each element and determine the force at which it may fail.  For example, if the weakest element may fail at 9kN and the applied load is 3kN then the Factor of Safety is 3.

Make sure you read the assumptions stated in this image:


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