RopeLab Quiz 1: Mechanical Advantage

A quick quiz to test your understanding of MA in simple systems.

There are 10 multiple choice questions.

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RopeLab Quiz 1: Mechanical Advantage

This quiz presents a series of short questions from the Mechanical Advantage content presented in the one-day RopeLab: Physics for Roping Technicians workshop.  It tests your theoretical understanding of Mechanical Advantage in a range of simple scenarios.

Although there are many ways to discuss and calculate Mechanical Advantage, the following terms are used in this quiz:

  • Ideal Mechanical Advantage (IMA): the best possible MA for a system ignoring any friction, stretch, and imperfect angles.
  • Theoretical Mechanical Advantage (TMA): the best guess at MA taking friction into account for each change in direction (pulleys, carabiners, edges, etc).

Actual Mechanical Advantage (AMA) refers to the MA measured in the system once built and tested.

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