What is RopeLab?
RopeLab is an initiative of Richard Delaney. It is an educational entity for roping technicians.  We aim to explore concepts, question dogma, test theories, understand systems and share findings with the roping world.  While there is much free information on the website, detailed reports on test results and extensive physics explanations are available to RopeLab members.  RopeLab also runs regular workshops to facilitate face to face learning in a social environment.
Who is RopeLab for?
Anyone who plays or works with ropes will find useful information on this site. We have members who are arborists, vertical rescue operators, rope access technicians, riggers, aerialists, entertainment riggers, tower workers, rock-climbers, canyoners, and outdoor educators. There are a range of articles from detailing basic mathematical language to extensive test reports on roping equipment and systems.  Findings are always communicated carefully to ensure that people from a range of backgrounds can take some understanding away.
Why should I pay for a RopeLab membership?
There is a lot of free information on the internet. However, much of it is of poor quality and is supported by product advertising or sales revenue. We made the decision to avoid any hint of bias and not participate in any product sales or advertising. Many accredited testing authorities are also hindered by set testing criteria and are unable to test equipment in different scenarios. By buying a RopeLab membership, you are engaging with and supporting an independent researcher to test equipment in different ways, answer questions and solve real life problems in roping systems.
What do I get as a RopeLab member?
RopeLab members receive access to the full website.  This includes detailed test reports and physics explanations.  Members may also discuss articles through the comments facility.  Ultimately, members are supporting, engaging with, and benefiting from the work of RopeLab.


I've purchased a membership. Can I republish RopeLab's work?
All content on the website is protected by copyright.  Use the information to inform your work but please do not reproduce RopeLab content.  If member content is reproduced elsewhere, it serves to devalue the RopeLab membership system and ultimately the work of RopeLab itself.  We thank you for respecting this system and encourage you to review our Terms of Service.  
How do I purchase a RopeLab membership?
Go to Store / Membership. This provides details about the membership product.  When you wish to proceed, follow the prompts to pay via credit card.  The system will then direct you to register a username and password.
How much does a RopeLab membership cost?
A RopeLab membership costs $60 (Australian dollars) per year, $165 for 3 years, or $250 for 5 years.
What happens at the end of my membership?
We will send you an email reminding you that your membership is about to expire.  This will include a link to renew your membership if you desire.
Can I cancel my membership?
No membership refunds will be offered.  If you have purchased the membership by mistake, please contact us immediately.

Technical problems

I've lost my username and password. What can I do?
Your username is fixed and cannot be changed. You may also use your registered email address to log in.   Your password can be reset via the ‘lost password’ link on the ‘log in’ page. Follow the prompts and ensure you check your spam email folder for the link that is emailed out. When you are logged in, you may change your password.  If you have trouble with the system, please contact us directly and we can help you on
I've logged in but I can't access the membership content. What is the problem?
Having a functional username and password does not grant you access to all content.  You must also be a current financial member.  Check that you have purchased a membership and that it is current under Member Content / My Account / Purchases.  Please let us know, with as much detail as you can, if you are still having trouble. 
I am being asked to log in multiple times. What could be the problem?
Check that cookies are enabled on your browser.  This helps the browser to remember the previous settings.  If you are still having trouble, please let us know with as much detail as you can including the device and browser you are using.

Privacy & communication

Will you share my personal information?
All personal information will be respected.  All financial information is handled by PayPal to which RopeLab has no access.  For detailed information, see our privacy policy.  
How will you communicate with members?
The site is updated regularly with new additions. These are generally posted as updates on our Facebook page. ‘Liking’ our Facebook page should ensure you receive these updates. A newsletter is sent out by email periodically detailing any new material. You may join the email list through the link in the footer of the website. Occasionally, we may need to communicate to members about a major system change. In these rare occurrences, we will use the email address provided in registration.
How can I update my email address on my RopeLab profile
You may change your details by logging in and going to Member Content / My Account / Profile.  Note that changing this email address will not automatically update the newsletter email list.
How can I update my email address for the newsletter
Enter your original email address into the newsletter sign up form in the footer of all the pages on our site.  The system will recognise that the address already exists on the list.  It will then offer you a process to update your profile.  You may also contact us directly.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or for technical problems.