RopeLab Workshops

At RopeLab, we believe that if people have a sound understanding of their roped systems, they will make safer and smarter work choices.  Working towards this outcome, our workshops always incorporate both physics theory and practical scenarios.  Building a sound theoretical understanding of the physics of systems allows people to better predict and estimate outcomes. Practical scenarios help people to apply and experiment with their theoretical understanding, as well as providing opportunity to practice their skills.

We deliberately make our workshops accessible to people from a variety of roping backgrounds.  While this means that sometimes some content may not be tailored exactly to your application, we find that there are great benefits to people from a range of backgrounds exchanging their ideas, methods and experiences.

Richard is an experienced trainer and educator with extensive experience in rope access and vertical rescue.  See more about his story here.  He is able to develop and deliver a range of training sessions to a variety of audiences.

Feedback from past workshop participants

“It’s great to really understand the basics, especially when you were taught the wrong theory.”

“Concepts exceptionally well presented and explained.”

“Opened eyes to new ways of looking at things.”

“Richard has a good way to bring complex concepts back to basic techniques and principles.  Well done!!”

“The perfect combination of technical theory and practical application.”

See below for information on workshops planned for 2018.  The links will take you to pages for further information.

Please note that some workshops are managed and presented by RopeLab.  In these cases, we can offer a 10% discount to our RopeLab Online Members.  The current coupon code may be found in the Member’s Content Coupon Code.  Other workshops are planned by another organisation.  In these cases, RopeLab is being contracted to present the workshop, and has no part in managing the bookings.  In these cases, we cannot unfortunately cannot offer the discount to our RopeLab Online Members.  We look forward to seeing you out there!

Please see the Workshops Store for information on upcoming workshops.

Private Workshops

Richard has run many privately booked workshops for individuals and organisations.  If you are interested please contact Richard at to discuss your needs.