RopeLab Review

Welcome to the RopeLab Review.

Its been a year since we launched the RopeLab website.

This survey is designed to help us understand how people are responding to our website, and how we might improve our service.  We appreciate you completing this short survey and will listen closely to the feedback that you give us.

There are 10 questions and all information that you provide is anonymous.  Thank you for your input.


In your opinion, how would you rate the quality of information on our website?


In your opinion, how would you rate the ease of use of our website?


What part of the website have you found most useful?


What was your main reason for becoming a RopeLab member?


If you are not a RopeLab member, what was your main reason for not joining?


We decided to avoid advertising on the site and create a financial membership system instead, to avoid any hint of bias or coercion.  However, we are interested to see what you think about this decision.

Should we accept advertising on the RopeLab site? Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments field.


What communication do you mainly use to stay up to date with RopeLab's work?


In the past year, what was the main roping activity that you were involved in?


To help us meet your needs more effectively, please give us an idea of your general and roping education.  Select all applicable options.


Below are some ideas that we have had to improve our website and service.  Select those which would interest you.

Please click submit survey to send us the information.  Thank you kindly for your feedback.

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