Workshop Review

Thank you for attending the Advanced Rope Technicians Workshop in the Blue Mountains.   We would greatly appreciate your feedback via this RopeLab Workshop Review.  Feel free to add detail into the comments boxes available.  Your entries are anonymous.

What activity dominates your rope work?

What education and training have you completed?

How did you first hear about the workshop?

Is the workshop paid for by your work?

On reflection, was the price reasonable?

Prior to the workshop, what components were you most looking forward to?

On reflection, what components of the workshop were the most useful and interesting for you?

Select the most appropriate answer to the following statements.  Feel free to add detail in the comments fields.

Prior workshop information was adequate for my preparation.

The chosen venues were appropriate for facilitating learning in each session.

Richard and Bill were well organised.

Richard and Bill answered my questions to my satisfaction.

I had adequate opportunities to practice skills.

The mixed nature of the group increased learning opportunities.

The balance of theoretical and practical sessions was appropriate.

The following questions refer to our goals for the course.

My theoretical understanding of roped systems was increased.

I was exposed to new equipment, scenarios and/or techniques during the course.

My ability to make smarter choices in the use of equipment was increased.

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