RopeLab Quiz 4: Knot or Not?

This quiz presents five short questions looking at variations and errors in tying some common knots.

Click on any of the images for a larger view.

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Question 1: Alpine Butterfly

This image shows 4 knots.

Which is an Alpine Butterfly?

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Question 2: Figure 8

This image shows 4 knots.

Which is a Figure-of-8?

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Question 3: Double Fisherman's Knot

This image shows 4 different bends.

Which is correct?

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Question 4: Figure 9

This image shows 4 knots.

Which is a Figure-of-9?

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Question 5: Double Fisherman's Cryptic

This image shows 4 bends.

Which is a Double Fisherman's Knot?

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